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Personal Training

Whether you're seeking a personal trainer with a degree in exercise science or one with extensive hands-on experience, you're in luck—we offer both! At our gym, you’ll benefit from trainers who combine academic knowledge with practical expertise to help you reach your fitness goals.

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You might not be able to tell because of our super mean beards, but we are actually nerds for this stuff. In an industry full of information and misinformation, we feel so strongly about helping people discern the truth between fact and fiction that we have included it in our mission statement. New trends are fun and sometimes helpful, but fundamentals are tried & true.

Our personal training isn't about one size fits all—or even one size fits most. It's a personalized roadmap designed for your unique journey. We've guided clients to achieve beach-ready bodies and supported clinically obese individuals and those needing more everyday muscle. Our experience spans across age, skill level, and gender, helping both beginners and experts alike.

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